About Takacat Boats


 Standard Features

  • Revolutionary stainless steel Tube-Transom®
  • Open transom and raised floor keeps the water out and the floor dry
  • Aerodynamic tapered bow design to get over the top of rough and choppy waters
  • Shallow Draft: A huge advantage when crossing shallow water and also provides the ability to get further up the beach or ramp before the hull of the boat grounds
  • Takacat’s original on / off bow design for safety and convenience
  • Heavy-duty under-tube protection
  • Single seam design joint by chemical bonding gluing system ideal for foldable inflatables
  • 2 x air pressure release valves
  • Additional reinforcing & protective layer over single tube seam. Parallel on each tube.
  • External oar rowlocks and Velcro straps
  • External safety grab handles
  • Inflatable float seat
  • Internal safety grab handle
  • 4 external lifting handles

 Construction – Air Deck Floor 

  • The air deck floor made from reinforced drop stitch to provide a high- tensile rigid core. Inflate to 10psi.
  • Custom made protective anti-skid with additional anti-UV additive, high-pressure laminated heat pressed to top layer for the best durability and rigidity.
  • Second-layer side rail tape making 1.8mm walls and additional air tightness.
  • Built to International Standard ISO/6185 

Revolutionary Tube-Transom® Design 

  • Takacat’s innovative new fully removable open Tube-Transom design® enables the inflatable to be deflated, rolled up smaller, easier and lighter than other traditional inflatable boats.  These are big advantages when it comes to transporting or storing your Takacat. 
  • The Takacats are perfect for the caravan, RV motorhome, or the tender market. 
  • Having the removable transom means they are less bulky and weigh approx. 7kg lighter when packed away.
  • This fully open transom design has no ability to hold water on board, a great advantage when being towed or being used in various conditions.